As intense sports training carries the risk of injury, accident insurance for athletes is now mandatory during competitions, training and in training camps.

This requirement is based on the range of documents, ranging from internal regulations, medical supervision requirements in a professional sports school to the rules or regulations of sports competitions.

Athlete insurance takes an important place in the system of measures related to professional sports. An appropriate insurance policy not only relieves representatives of the governing body of sports federations from the injured athletes’ or their representatives’ claims of financial support but also partially compensates the costs of medical treatment in the event of an accident.

Such insurance policy covers financial losses in case of a sports injury and more serious consequences of the injury (disability and death).

Actions in case of an insured event:

– Stop physical activity and contact the medical service serving the sporting event for emergency medical care and to obtain documentation of the fact and circumstances of the occurrence of the insured event.

– Follow the doctor’s recommendations and make every effort to minimize the consequences of the accident.

– Depending on the degree and nature of the injury, contact a medical facility for further treatment no later than 24 hours after the insured event occurred.

– Within 24 hours, contact the insurance company and report the accident. (Violation of the above-mentioned notification terms is allowed if the insured person was not physically able to do it in time, which must be justified in writing in any form).

– Provide the insurance company with the necessary documents for payment.

– Receive the insurance payout and get your health back.