The insured

Life and health of travelers, holidaymakers abroad and those going to overseas business trips

Insured event

Sudden illness or exacerbation of chronic disease, health disorder resulting from accident or death, or any other events while staying overseas

Dangers covered

You may choose one of the four insurance programs:

Program А

  • Guarantees the urgent medical assistance including dentists’ assistance (Euro/ USD 150.00), and also medical transportation and repatriation in case of death.

Program B

  • In addition to the program A includes payment for the ticket to the place of permanent stay in case of death, of a close relative in the country of residence, or of children of the insured if left temporarily without care. In addition, the insurance company will cover the cost if transporting the relative to the place of your treatment, if necessary.

Program С

  • In addition to Program B, it provides for and covers the cost of legal assistance, search and delivery of luggage that was lost during travel and also assistance in case of delay or cancellation of flights.

Program D

  • In addition to the benefits of Program C as provided above, Program D includes transport assistance (in case of traveling by private car), ensures assistance in case of accident or damage of vehicle, the repair of the vehicle at the place of accident and delivery of spare parts, provided that the maintenance enables to use the vehicle or to tow it if unfit for movement, to the next service station or parking lot (only in Europe).

Basic Insurance Tariffs

From 0.468% to 1.111% depending on the insurance program